Juno Plus Best Archival & Reissues

In April 2015 I took over the Best of Archival and Reissues Column over at Juno Plus, which can be read in its month-by-month form here. The best of the contemporary archival scene – to my taste anyway – appears here in no particular order, but it is tagged and searchable by label, genre, and country:

Lena Platonos, Boche, Tse Tse, The Units, Alex Valentini, Max VincentRedolfiDariush Dolat-Shahi, Vito Ricci, Aminadav Aloni, Din A Testbild, Nesmeyana, Šizike, Max Guld, Hunting Lodge, Caroline K,  Der Musikant, Vincent FloydGeneral Magic & Pita, Jack LathamMuslimgauze, YMO, Dip in the Pool, Das Ding, Moggi, Hypnosaurus, Syntoma, Moggi, Second Layer, Heinrich Dressel, Psychic Warriors ov Gaia, Finis Africae, The Tapes, Conrad Schnitzler, Clara Mondshine, Maurizio BianchiOrior, LegoweltJohn Bender, Pekka Araiksinen, Oppenheimer Analysis, Popol Vuh, ZYXRobert Turman & Aaron DillowayPiero Umiliani e i suoi Oscillatori, Leo Anibaldi, Laserdance, GhibliWicked Witch, Joanna Brouk, Mecánica Popular, Missing Brazilians, Zeus B. Held, Son of Sam, Colin PotterGeoff Krozier & the Generator, Napoleon Cherry, Whitehouse, Vangelis, François De Roubaix, De Roubaix & Bernard Maitre, Deca, The (Hypothetical) ProphetsKonstruktivits, Richard DavisFord Proco/Coil, Haku, Shinichi Atobe, Various Artists